Frequently Asked Questions

Is Upptime free and open-source software (FOSS)?

Yes, Upptime is 100% free and open-source, with all components licensed under the permissive MIT License.

My status website is broken (CSS is not loading)

You are probably running the website on a non-root domain, for example at, where user is your GitHub username and repo is the repository name. You should add the baseUrl configuration:

baseUrl: /repo # "repo" is your repository name

My status website doesn't work with my private repository.

By default, Upptime only supports publishing status websites from public repositories, since the GitHub API is used to fetch data. However, you can set up a proxy API (for example, using a personal access token with readonly access to your private repository) and set that as the apiBaseUrl configuration key under status-website. See #54 and the Configuration for apiBaseUrl to learn how to set up a status website from your private repository.

How do I remove the "Powered by Upptime" in the footer of my website?

You can add an internationalization object that overwrites some keys, see Internationalization:

footer: This page is [open source]($REPO), powered by [Upptime](

I'm getting a 404 error in Setup CI

Make sure you've changed the owner and repo in the Configuration.